Lotus is an implementation of the Filecoin Distributed Storage Network.

It is written in Go and provides a suite of command-line applications:

  • Lotus Node (lotus): a Filecoin Node: validates network transactions, manages a FIL wallet, can perform storage and retrieval deals.
  • Lotus Miner (lotus-miner): a Filecoin miner. See the the respective Lotus Miner section in the Mine documentation.
  • Lotus Worker (lotus-worker): a worker that assists miners to perform mining-related tasks. See its respective guide for more information.

The Lotus user documentation is part of the Filecoin documentation site:

  • To install and get started with Lotus, visit the Get Started section.
  • Information about how to perform deals on the Filecoin network using Lotus can be found in the Store section.
  • Miners looking to provide storage to the Network can find the latest guides in the Mine section.
  • Developers and integrators that wish to use the Lotus APIs can start in the Build section.

For more details about Filecoin, check out the Filecoin Docs and Filecoin Spec.