Ubuntu Instructions

These steps will install the following dependencies:

  • go (1.14 or higher)
  • gcc (7.4.0 or higher)
  • git (version 2 or higher)
  • bzr (some go dependency needs this)
  • jq
  • pkg-config
  • opencl-icd-loader
  • opencl driver (like nvidia-opencl on arch) (for GPU acceleration)
  • opencl-headers (build)
  • rustup (proofs build)
  • llvm (proofs build)
  • clang (proofs build)

Install dependencies

sudo apt update
sudo apt install mesa-opencl-icd ocl-icd-opencl-dev gcc git bzr jq pkg-config curl
sudo apt upgrade

Install Go 1.14

Install the latest version of Go by following the docs on their website.

Clone the Lotus repository

git clone https://github.com/filecoin-project/lotus.git
cd lotus/

Build the Lotus binaries from source and install

make clean && make all
sudo make install

After installing Lotus, you can run the lotus command directly from your CLI to see usage documentation. Next, you can join the Lotus Testnet.


If you seek a smaller network to test, you can join the interopnet. Please note that this network is meant for developers - it resets much more often, and is much smaller. To join this network, checkout the branch interopnet instead of master before building and installing;

git checkout interopnet

Please also note that this documentation (if viewed on the website) might not be up to date with the interopnet. For the latest documentation on the interopnet branch, see the Lotus Documentation Interopnet Branch on GitHub